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Fishing in Los Cabos

The Sea of Cortez has been dubbed “the world’s largest fish trap” for good reason—a perfect blend of currents, water temperatures and underwater geography make these some of the richest waters in the world. This is the fishing of legends, with a profusion of big game to make a veteran fisherman’s eyes glaze over.

The abundance of billfish is perhaps Cabo’s greatest draw, with three species of marlin (striped, blue and the monstrous black marlin) plus the beautiful sailfish found in the area. Two seamounts rise up from the depths slightly east of San José del Cabo. Known as the Gordo Banks, this area is celebrated as a hotspot of migrating billfish. The sheer size, strength and astounding beauty of these valiant fighters is a siren song that’s been drawing skilled fishermen to the region for decades—even before the thriving tourist industry had taken root in the region. Several significant local tournaments, such as the Bisbee’s Black and Blue Tournament, offer hefty purses and attract skilled competitors from all over the world.

But there’s plenty more than marlin in those waters. Varying with the seasons, you’ll find the spectacular (and delicious) dorado in abundance. Enormous tuna, fierce wahoo, yellowtail and the snappy roosterfish are some of the highly desired catches. You’ll also find sierra, jacks, pompano, cabrilla, snook & snapper in the sparkling, pristine Sea of Cortez.

Fishing charters, led by experienced captains and crews, know how to target the best local spots, depending on the time of year. With an emphasis on conservation, catch and release of big game fish is highly encouraged; after an epic battle and a photo-op, releasing these stunning creatures ensures the preservation of Los Cabos’ healthy sportfishing populations for generations to come.

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