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Diving in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Light dances in the remarkably clear blue-green waters. Above you, a school of rays glides in silent majesty. Coral glows in otherworldly beauty while schools of brightly colored fish dart around you.

While Los Cabos has abundant natural beauty on land, it’s in the water that the beauties of this remarkable destination really shine. With some of the world’s most pristine waters, the Sea of Cortez has been hailed by scientists and writers as a world treasure. Divers have found Los Cabos to offer spectacular variety under the sea.

Close to Cabo San Lucas, a number of diving sites offer incredible experiences for all ability levels. At Pelican Rock, you’ll experience schools of Mexican goat fish, eels, angelfish, parrotfish and lobsters among the rich marine life. Nearby, the legendary Sand Falls offers an unforgettable glimpse of sand cascading to the depths. At Land’s End, you can dive among the playful sea lions and enjoy sights of giant hawkfish, barberfish, jacks, tunas, barracudas and sea turtles. As you head out into the Corridor, guides take you to well-known sites and some well-kept secret locations. At Chileno Bay, Santa Maria and other locations you’ll revel in amazing rock formations, schools of brightly colored fish, elegant rays and more.

More remote locations offer even more magic. At Gordo Banks, a 1-hour boat ride from Los Cabos, a giant sea mount gives you the opportunity to witness hammerhead sharks, pelagic species like tuna and marlin, occasional whale sharks and strangely wonderful coral. Cabo Pulmo is about a 2-hour drive from Cabo and features a truly amazing living coral reef. Here you’ll experience huge groupers, schools of rays and tropical fish.

Our diving trips are led by experienced and knowledgeable guides who will ensure you get up close and personal with the best of Cabo’s beautiful deep.

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