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Explore Los Cabos by sea, land or air with our stunning variety of activities and tours. We can put together the perfect itinerary for maximum fun, whether you’re looking for a romantic sunset cruise or an unforgettable dive with the charming denizens of Cabo’s waters. We’ve got activities to suit every taste and age, not a dull moment in sight!

In the water, you’ll find plenty to enjoy with our dazzling menu of cruises, snorkel and dive trips and more! Take a dive with trained guides who’ll take you to explore “hidden” local spots, sand falls or coral reefs while you delight in the sea turtles, manta rays, tropical fish and sea lions playing around you. A snorkeling trip is another great way to check out the kaleidoscope of colors under the sea. For a different type of sea life experience, a dolphin encounter allows you to get right into the water with these remarkably intelligent creatures.

We’ve got plenty of ways for you to enjoy Cabo’s watery wonders above sea as well. If you want to take a gander at Cabo’s undersea life without getting wet, the “Yellow Submarine”, a vessel with below-deck viewing area, is just the ticket. Or, take a kayak and marvel in tranquil, isolated coves. The Banana-Runner is incredible fun, a high-speed boat that mimics the action of a wave-runner. For a relaxing tour, hop aboard a sailing charter, whale watching trip or a sunset cruise, complete with gourmet treats and entertainment.

On land, you’ll find just as much fun. Cultural tours reveal the charms of Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo. Desert off-road adventures let you experience the unforgettable thrill of exploring the rugged landscape while you maneuver a Jeep, Hummer or Rhino. Zip-line tours, led by professional guides, let you safely soar above stunningly beautiful canyon canopies. And for a gentle and relaxing view of Cabo’s natural beauty, a horseback ride along a sparkling beach is an afternoon treat.

In the air, you can check out the sights of Cabo as well. Parasailing trips let you glide safely above the coastline for memorable “pelican’s-eye” views. Helicopter tours are a photographer’s dream, taking you above Land’s End, Lover’s beach and the coast.

Whatever your fancy, we’ve got the formula for fun with our fantastic variety of activities.

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